17 January 2014

New Semester Prep

I don't start school until the 27th! But I know a lot of you have already started so here is a list of what   I do to prepare for a new semester.


1// New school supplies! Stock up on pencils, and fun pens! Check out Design Darling for cute pens and pencils!
2// Whatever system you use, make sure you have enough binders, loose leaf, folders and notebooks. My advice would be to color code, that way you know what to grab on your way out the door. Maybe make some cute binder covers or collages on your folders and notebooks!
Here is an example of one of my binder covers from last semester

3// Make sure you have your schedule somewhere. I create mine on Excel, and print it out for my planner and my desk. Here's an example of mine!

4// Create a budget and use it. I use the app Mint, and I love it! I can set how much I want to spend, and it sends me notifications when I'm close to my limit. I would really recommend it. It's also safe and secure!

5// Find your study space. Even if you enjoy studying in your room or apartment (like me) you'll want a go to spot for when you are on campus for a meeting, in between classes or you need to get out of your space.

6// If you're in college I would definitely recommend getting your books the first week of class! I use Amazon, and rent books. I also know friends who use Chegg too! Your university bookstore is going to sell books at higher prices because they don't have a large supply, and most of the books are new. Definitely shop around, it saves me about $200+ a year. 

7// Positive Attitude: Stay positive about the semester and stay ahead! As long as you plan you will be able to have a great semester! 

Anything else you do to prepare for your semester?



  1. As an architecture student it's hard to plan out my quarter before hand (we're on the quarter system...it's about midterms for us UGH), I do love to write down due date in my Lilly planner and pick up school supplies for the classes that I know what i need. Also, sometimes I will spend a break working on getting better at programs to make my workflow faster (blogging has actually helped a lot in graphic design practice and laying out presentation boards :D).


    1. Architecture sounds really interesting! I love blogging, it's helped me so much!