15 January 2014

Currently What I Want

Even though I'm basically not buying anything unless it has to do with my apartment aka groceries and cleaning supplies, I put together what I would buy if I could!

1// 2// 3// 4 // 5// 6//
(from left to right)

1// I would love this notebook  to go with my agenda, and to take reminder notes in for my various organizations or a place to write down thoughts I need to remember later!
2// I have wanted a pair of Hunters for over a year! I need to save though. I will probably eventually splurge! 
3// This cosmetic bag would be perfect, my old one's zipper broke.
4// I really want to order a couple of monograms. One for my Macbook Air, one for my water bottle and one for my planner! 
5// Yes. I need another Longchamp (good thing MB is in Turkey and not reading this) I love this color! Who wouldn't want another? 
6// This tumblr would be perfect to carry around this semester! Love Kate Spade!

What are you wanting? 



  1. I love the travel cup, definitely would use that in the spring. :) I have that Lilly agenda in that print! I looked all over for a regular size Lilly notebook to go with it for classes but couldn't find it, so that would be on my wish-list if they made them...


    1. This probably my favorite Lilly Print! I wish they made them in larger notebooks too!