25 March 2014

A Trip Down South: Charleston

Sometimes I really believe I was meant to be born in the South. It's snowing as I'm typing. My road trip down south was so much fun, and Charleston was beautiful! 

We left at 6 on Wednesday, and drove the entire night. We arrived at our hotel around 1pm!
All three of us ordered the same dinner. #GreatMinds 

Beautiful Thursday morning in Tennessee. 

Awesome Hotel Downtown (we didn't stay here)

 An out take from my outfit photo shoot
One of my closet friends SA!

We went to Fleet Landing, it was so good! I love seafood, I got fried shrimp and fried oysters. They were so delicious. 

Our last night! The guy in the middle is from another UW school, he was a great sport and hung out with all us girls for the conference! 

I learned and experienced a lot, it was perfect. 


That was the conference. I love public relations, and can't wait to start my career. 

How was your spring break?

(I wanted to visit the Lilly store in Charleston but we had to leave early because of a large storm we decided to leave five hours early. )

I hope y'all are having a great week


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  1. I went to Charleston this past weekend, it is such a fun city!!