24 March 2014

Life Lately- March Edition

Life lately? Crazy. Fast. Wonderful. Stressful. Once in a lifetime feeling.

Honestly I was at a point on Saturday where I had to take several deep breaths to stop myself from having a mental breakdown. I took a break last week from everything in my life and just chilled with loved ones. I needed it because I was starting to burnout. I'm glad I realized it though. Several adults in my life seemed to have been waiting for me to burn out. Thank goodness for MB, his positivity is a source of my persistence, along with my parents' constant support. Anyway, I realized on Saturday how much I had to get done. Scholarship and internship applications, Spain paperwork and actual coursework seems to have piled up. But I made a couple to do lists, took a deep breath (or ten) and I am in the process of tackling my piles!

Am I glad I took last week to live in the moment and fall a little more in love with my life? Yes. 
Will this week be twice as crazy because I did that? Yes. 

Here are some little snapshots of my life lately. 

Y'all I got a sorority daughter! She's beautiful and amazing! I'm so glad we get along well! We've become fast friends. I also got a little, (we have both in my sorority) but I realized we haven't taken any pictures together yet!

My beautiful sister Emily! I love her, she stops me from being a hermit. 

Enjoying some seriously amazing weather in Charleston! More on my trip tomorrow!

Checking in on my blog at my all-time favorite coffee shop, Dunn Bros, in my hometown! Working or meeting friends here reminds me just how far I've come since my friends and I started going there at the beginning of our senior year. 

MB and I have a great four days together, but I didn't get any pictures. #badblogger 
 Friday night was one of those nights that are just perfect. KG, AD, MB and I were all at my house for scary movies and some much needed time for the four of us. It's become kind of a tradition since all four of us have been in college.  Unfortunately I don't handle scary movies well and The Conjuring seriously freaked me out. It's really entertaining for the other three though. (I'm glad it's enjoyable for someone.)

I'm really excited/anxious for the rest of my semester! I have got 6 intense weeks! 

Are you ready for the rest of your semester? How was your spring break? 


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  1. You can do this, girl! Also, what is the difference between a sorority little and a sorority daughter? lol