28 March 2014

Goal: Save money, Study Abroad

While I'm really excited to study abroad, I will be saving lots of money to travel and experience Europe to it's (almost) fullest! 

Here are some tips to save money for a trip or even study abroad! 

Don't Buy Coffee for a Month: Did you know that coffee can cost you $30 a week. If you stop buying coffee you save $120! That's a ticket to a new city. 
Use coupons at the store: Even if you only save $5 at the grocery store each week, that's $20 a month which depending on how long you're saving for it can really add up. 
Eat in more often: Instead of spending $10-$20 week on food, eat in. Depending on how much you eat out, you could save $100's of dollars.
Shop the Sales: Wait to buy something you really want unless it's on sale. This might also be a good way to tell if you really want that particular item.
Start Saving Early: The earlier the better. Even if you have to live modestly for a couple of months, you'll be on your trip or in Europe in no time having the time of your life!
Have a separate bank account:  If you have a separate bank account, it can be easier to stay away from that money! 

What are your money saving tips? 


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