31 March 2014

Goals Check In 3

I can't believe it's March 31st already! 

Here is my update on my new years goals. I can't believe it's April already!

Eat Healthier & Work Out: I have been eating pretty healthy! It helps that more of my favorite fruits are coming into season now! I have started to work out a lot more regularly, I feel a lot more energized since I've been eating healthier. I can't wait for this summer to be able to cook for more than one person. 

Live in the Moment: Remember how I said this is really possible? It's still kind of true. But I've been a little less strict with my sleeping schedule lately. Whether that's good or bad I'm not really sure. 

Give a 100%: So Zeta Omega Tau and PRSSA are getting an awful lot of attention right now. So are scholarship and internship applications. My school work needs a little more attention, and this weekend is all about that. My mini-goal for this month is to refocus on school. 

Here are my goal updates. Do y'all have any ideas for when it comes to one-person healthy meals? I'm having such a hard time figuring it out. 

How are your goals going? Anything you'd like to see from me? 


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