14 March 2014

Semester Check-In

I can't believe I am officially half way through spring semester! I'm currently in Charleston at the PRSSA National Assembly! If you're in Charleston, especially if you're at the Assembly , tweet me please! I'd love to meet up! My twitter link is to the right!

I don't know about you, but by this time in the semester nothing ever seems to stay tidy and organized! I always struggle to try and keep everything under control. 
Here are some tips to help you stay organized for the second half of the semester!

Take time one day a week to tidy up

Take time every two-three weeks to dust, clean your bathroom, and vacuum/sweep.

Don't forget about your planner. I know that it's hard to keep on top of it, but you will be thankful to have something to work off of.

Check if you're prioritizing correctly! Are you being too social? Or too studious without any fun?

Check in on semester projects! Are you on track with your original plan? Do you need to revise it?

I hope that this little checklist is helpful! I know I will be sitting down over spring break to asses my status so far this semester! 

I hope your spring breaks have gone well, or that yours will be relaxing!


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