07 March 2014

Spring Break

Who's ready for Spring Break? I am. But I have less than a week because I get to leave for spring break early! I'm so excited! I leave March 12th for South Carolina with some of my friends to go to a PRSSA Assembly!

Here are some tips for different versions of Spring Breaks!

Road Trip
Are you road-tripping like I am? Here are some fun tips to get you through!

{one}Bring lots of snacks: If you're road-tripping you don't want to spend a bunch of money on food, so run to your local grocery store and buy some snacks. This way you can eat healthy, and not ruin your beach ready body!
{two} Bring the tunes: I normally rely on the radio, but if you're traveling cross-country that might be more difficult. Bring your iPhone or iPod and use some portable speakers! Make sure the songs are upbeat to keep the driver awake. 
{three} Build in time for fun pit stops: Road-tripping is so much more fun when you're able to take pit stops and enjoy the new sights! Take some fun pictures, and use Instagram!
{four} Bring a printed out copy of directions: While I love my iPhone and use it for everything you should have a back up in case something happens to your phone!

Plane Trips
{one} Don't forget the 3 oz rule: You probably won't need to check a bag for just yourself for a week, try a carry on and save money! That's why it's important not to forget the 3 oz rule!
{two} Bring a magazine or book: When you can't use electronics make sure to bring something to keep you entertained!
{three} Wear layers: In order to keep your carry on a little lighter,or to be honest have more room for extra clothes, wear layers! Wear the clothes that you would be coming back in over the clothes you'll want to wear when you get there!

{one} Sleep in on a weekday: Spending your break catching up on sleep? There is a certain satisfaction with sleeping in on a day you don't normally get to. 
{two} Take breakfast in bed: Take a moment and eat breakfast in bed with Netflix or some good blogs! *cough cough* Purple & Pearls. 
{three} Take a parent out to lunch: Our parents/ guardians do so much for us, so take some time out of your week of relaxation and take them to lunch! They will appreciate it, and you'll be happy you took the time to talk with them. 
{four} Go to coffee with an old friend: I love getting coffee with old friends. Especially those that you can pick up conversation with like you just talked yesterday, even though it's been months. These types of coffee dates make me realize how far I've come. It's a good reflection period. 
{five} Shop for spring: Take some time to go shopping for spring! It'll be fun and you can get it out of the way so you don't have to worry about it during school!

What are your plans for spring break? I'll be in Charleston for a couple of days than I'll be at home with MB & KG. I'm excited to say the least. 


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