07 March 2014

Sorority Women

I am a proud sorority woman. Without my sorority I truly believe that I would less of a leader on campus and I might have even transferred. 

There will always be a negative connotation associated with Greek Life. Are there stereotypical sororities and fraternities? Sure. I am not at every single university and I do not know every single university's Greek life. 

Lately there seems to be a war on Greek life. The Atlantic even has a series about it.  

For those who have never experienced Greek life to start passing judgement is sad. Not everyone may have a positive experience as a Greek, but there are hundreds of those who have had positive experiences. 

While I could list off all of these statistics about how we have higher GPA's, or how 71% of Greeks graduate while only 50% of non-Greeks graduate. (So I did, but there are many more) Instead I am going to tell you my personal story about how Greek life has helped influence the woman I have become. 

As a freshman I was shy, scared and unsure of myself. I had a close-knit group of friends in high school, and was getting over a two and a half year relationship. I had decided to try Greek life in high school because of how outside of my comfort zone I thought it would. Also my grandmother was in a sorority in college and she loved it. She is still in contact with some of her sisters and I wanted that so badly. 
I found out about Zeta Omega Tau through my freshmen class's Facebook group. Rush week came around and I was nervous. My ex and I were talking again I was thinking that I was never going to find my place at UW-Green Bay. 

The women I met during Rush week were confident, involved and ambitious. They supported each other and you could feel the love radiating off of each of them. I wanted so badly to be apart of it. 
The night I got my bid my ex and I completely cut ties. I was crying my eyes out and a knock came on my door. There were six of my future sisters smiling and screeching my name. I opened my bid envelope and out came what seemed like a pound of glitter. I felt like I was home. The drama and emotional strain that the past couple months had brought melted away. 

While I had a large pledge class, and sometimes felt like an outsider, I found current sisters whom loved me. As I started to feel more comfortable in the sorority and with the sisters I began to flourish. My grades improved and I stopped talking to my high school friends as much. The confidence I gained that semester allowed me to feel ready to enter into another relationship with almost no qualms when I thought I would never be able to. 

My second semester in the sorority I began to research other sororities and what they do. I started to think of different PR things to do. After discussing these ideas with sisters who encouraged me I began to become more confident. I had lost some confidence after leaving for college, but started to gain it back when I felt that I had good ideas. 
This confidence lead me to join a student org. That student org is now an official chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. I was confident enough to start a chapter of a prestigious organization on this campus as a freshman, as well as do a lot of the charter paperwork. 

Now I am the secretary of the sorority, and if I wasn't studying abroad I would run for a larger position. My sisters have been there for me at my weakest moments, and at my strongest. I've embarrassed myself too many times to count in front of them and I've stopped being actually embarrassed. I know that they will be there for me for anything, and I would be there for them. 

Do I get frustrated with my sisters sometimes? Is there drama? Yes, but I love each and everyone of these women unconditionally. I have relationships with women I wouldn't have even met if it wasn't for the sorority.  These women have recognized my talents and encouraged me to use them. They appreciate me and at the end of somedays that is all I really need to hear. The path that I have chosen for myself is not easy, and sometimes I feel alone. But than a sister texts me, or sees me and their smile makes my day.

One day if I am blessed with a daughter I want her to have the opportunity to be uplifted by a group of young women like my sisters. 

Before you decide to judge all Greek life based on a few large schools and their reputations think of all of the chapters and local sororities who have done nothing but enhance their members lives. At the bottom of it all, Greek life in the US is positive.

Before you judge Greeks based on the media, get to a know a couple of brothers or sisters. I am hoping that they will change your opinion. All of us are just trying to find a place to belong, and if that place is Greek life than good for us. 

Are you involved in Greek life? What do you think about it? I would love to hear your stories!


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  1. What a great post! I love my sorority; it has truly helped me develop into the woman I am today!