10 March 2014

Stress Relievers

To say the past two weeks have been stressful is an understatement, but I got this right? 
Stress can cause you to break out, gain weight, and get sick. Those are three things that you don't need in college! While a little stress is good for me, the amount of stress that midterms can bring isn't necessarily healthy unless you relieve some of this stress.

Here are some of my favorite stress relievers so far this semester

1 episode of your favorite show: I don't know about you, but I watch 95% of my (other than Scandal) on Hulu Plus! Netflix is dangerous while studying, you can get sucked in too fast to more than one episode. 
30 Minutes on the elliptical: Bring your iPad and watch a show while working out! This is the perfect study break/ stress reliever. You burn some calories, you de stress. Perfect!
Paint your nails a spring color:My favorite Essie nail color is Enuf, but they just released their new line! The fun spring colors also give me a break from the dreary outside!
Make a Snack: My favorite is apple slices and Nutella! Popcorn is pretty good also. If you're looking for sweet and sour, try grapefruit with a little bit of sugar on top! 
Call a friend or relative: A quick catch-up phone call with a loved one is perfect! It calms me down and makes me happy!
15 minutes of Pinterest/Tumblr: I love both of these sites! They tend to give me inspiration to continue to work. Anymore than 15 minutes though and I get sucked in. 
Clean your apartment/room:  I think that cleaning makes me feel better and helps me focus more. A messy room distracts me! 
Chat with a friend in your hall:  If you live with others or are in a residence hall take a break and hang out with some friends! It'll be relaxing to laugh and be silly for a bit! 

What do you do to relax? 


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