05 March 2014

What to Pack: Conference

For spring break I will be heading to Charleston for the PRSSA National Assembly! I am really excited. 

Here's what I'll be bringing during the day while attending seminars and such! 

{one} LongChamp Le Pilage: The perfect bag! It's professional, stylish and big enough to fit everything!
{two} iPad & Vera Bradley Case: I'll be bringing my iPad to tweet and to use just in there isn't a reason to use my Macbook Air.  I really need a keyboard for this!
{three} Vera Bradley Wallet:I will for sure be bringing cash for snacks and caffeine. I would normally just bring an i.d. holder for that but I'm not sure if we'll be going straight to dinner/lunch after our sessions!
{four} Lilly Agenda: Enough said right? It's totally needed just in case. I don't go anywhere without it. 
{five} Binder: This will be more personalized in a week but I'll have looseleaf and the agenda for the conference in here! The perfect place for everything I need. A folder would be perfect also!
{six} Notebook: A smaller notebook will be perfect for random thoughts, and for contact info for the people I'll meet! I'm so excited!
{seven} Little things: 
-pencil bag
-Le Pens
-Sticky notes
{eight} Phone: I will definitely need this for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! I'm with aspiring PR professionals so you know it needs to happen. (look to your right to follow me on these platforms!)
{nine} Water bottle: Staying hydrated will be necessary, and this way I don't have to waste money paying for water bottles!
{ten} Macbook Air: This way I can stay on top of what's going on at school, blogging, and homework! Might be handy for certain sessions also!

What would you add to this? Been to any conference lately? 


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  1. love and adore that agenda! I use the same one!!!