03 March 2014

Midterm Study Tips

I know some of you might have had midterms already, or are in the middle. But here are some tips to use now, and later!
I usually create a "study plan" for each test. Here are how I study for most tests!

Essay Tests:
Start with each question. If you don't have them, look for key themes in your notes and textbook (even if you didn't read look at the titles of the chapters). 

Write each key concept down on a piece of notebook or computer paper. I use computer paper because it's thicker and I like to use Le Pens when I study. 

Under each theme, write down everything that you know on that topic. You this to review your notes and your book. Use lecture and book outlines, as well as Google. This helps you brainstorm information to use in your essays.

If you have the questions I would than write them out, or at least outline your answers in this format 
A. Theme/Idea
   i. supporting fact
   ii. supporting fact
   iii. supporting fact. 
   iv. conclusion. 

Repeat this paragraph structure for as many as you need to. 

Multiple Choice Tests:
Depending on the difficulty of the test, and how well I know that subject. Lets say it's one of the most difficult professors in my Communication department. We had one book to read, and so I went through and outlined each chapter.

Use flash cards to review key terms or facts if it's applicable.

My best test tip? Study Ahead of Time.
Don't cram. It won't do you any good. Start studying two or three days before. Study for half an hour and I guarantee you'll remember more.

Also, I would recommend studying with music, not television. I usually have Netflix on when I do my regular homework(I know bad habit) but when I study I make sure to have just music on.

How do you study for midterms?

Good Luck!

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