28 February 2014

Goals Check In #2

Let's start off this post with sheer disbelief that tomorrow is March 1st! I can't believe spring is finally right around the corner. 
So since y'all are keeping me honest, here is my update!

Eat Healthier & Work Out:  I have been eating pretty healthy, if you count marshmallows. I have been making sure to eat lots of citrus, loving that grapefruits in season! I also make sure to eat chicken for protein everyday. 
Live in the Moment: I have been able to take spontaneous trips with my sisters or decide to hang out with other friends. It just got crazy this week, so I really haven't had time for people. (This makes it seem like I'm a hermit)

Work on Blogging Skills: I think that this has been pretty good! I've started to really stick to my calendar, and I've even added days!
Give 100%: I have been definitely doing that. Between everything it's been tight, but I make sure to sleep and eat. 

Have a wonderful Friday! Thank you for the wonderful support!



  1. Good realistic goals! I hope you can succeed! Keep it up girl! :) I also love that quote.