27 April 2014

Finals Panic Help

I'm not sure how many of you have finals coming up, but I know that the last two weeks of classes for Communication majors at UW-Green Bay is basically an extended finals week. Projects, presentations and papers happen in every class. While finals week is a breeze, my life is more stressful than usual leading up to it
I have to get through the next two weeks and after a small meltdown Tuesday night I thought I would share for you my tips on how to calm some of your finals nerves

{one} Take a Deep Breath and Visualize Success
You've been through hard tests before, and by this point finals before. You always get through it. Take a couple of deep breaths and visualize yourself doing well. Visualize yourself studying, finishing those papers, and presenting like a orator.

{two} Look at your Calendar
Do not attempt if you are still going to panic when you look at your calendar.

Now that you're able to look at it, start making a list of everything you have to do. Don't panic again until the end of the steps!

Calendar view 

{three} Plan Out Each Day
This is really what helped me. I went through my list and wrote down everything that is supposed to happen every day. That includes birthdays, social events, regularly scheduled meetings and to-do lists for the day.
I did this because each day I don't have to freak out about my to-do list. I can just sit down and structure my day around it.

Close look

Week view

This is what works for me, but some people have to take it day by day. I do better having a long-term plan and then taking it day by day until I get there. I would recommend this plan for large projects at work also!

What are your tools for dealing with finals panic?
Have a great week!


PS I apologize for my absence, I have been pretty sick, and because of a sick day I had to catch up on my school to-do lists. I hope to be back regularly this week!


  1. I wish I was taking finals now! (I say that...) We still have a month left D: !!! Great tips though!


  2. Just nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)