29 April 2014

Retreat ReCap

About three weeks ago I co-headed my sorority's spring sisterhood retreat! It was a weekend with lots of fun and little sleep! Here is a photo over load of the retreat!

This semester's executive board! Love these girls!

My sorority daughter ES! Excuse my face, I didn't have time for make-up or a straightener at that point!
The attempt at a pyramid!
EW! Seriously love this girl!
My little TD!
Sorority moms and their babies! (Moms in the black)
Bigs & their Littles!
All the sisters! I'm so lucky to have five more beautiful, talented sisters!

Here are some tips on planning a sisterhood retreat!

-Make sure sisters know what's going on
- T-shirts are perfect for pictures
-Lots and Lots of food!
-One or two physical activities to keep sisters from getting restless
-A fun craft for sisters to take home: we painted 8X8 canvases with sisterhood quotes
- Remind sisters what this is all about! Our sorority has had a rough couple of years, so we had a little ceremony to burn some of our "gripes" about being in a sorority! It's worked wonders!

What type of activities do you do at your sorority retreats? How often are yours?


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