30 April 2014

Goals Check-In # 4

Is it really the end of April? I know I say that every month, but this spring semester seems to have flew by. It's been quite the whirlwind!

Here is my goal check-in!

Eat Healthier & Work Out: This is going great! I am actually working out six days a week! My diet isn't too bad, I just need to stop stress eating! I'm even thinking of doing the cleanse that one of my blogger buddies Rachael did! Check out her post here.

Live in the Moment: I've actually been doing this semi-well! Whenever I have errands to run, or am just staying in I invite a sister to go with me! It's been keeping my life pretty light right now! This summer hopefully I'll be more spontaneous! 

Work on Blogging Skills: I think my blogging skills are pretty good right now. I have a fun announcement this Friday! I hope to focus more on the blog this summer, with a fun change coming at the end of August! 

Give 100%: Talk about a hard life lesson. I'm learning that life is about 90% hard work and getting yourself there, while the other 10% seems to be circumstance or even luck. This goal wasn't just 100% for school work, Zeta Omega Tau or the PRSSA, but instead to only commit to things that I will give 100% to. I've been applying for internships for the entire semester, and yet haven't had an interview offer. With that in mind, I have had a couple of really big moments of panic and frustration. I don't beat myself up about these moments because what defines you is what you do after these moments. Instead of stopping applications or not sending anymore resumes, I continue to search, apply and follow up. Don't let a little disappointment discourage you. 

How have your goals for this coming along? Favorite quotes that get you through? 



  1. Yay! Thanks for the shoutout. You're totally rocking your goals this month!

  2. I'm thinking about doing a cleanse too once the money allows to purchase the items! Good luck!