04 April 2014

How to Succeed in Student Orgs

If I am known for anything, it's being involved on campus. Since one of my goals is to give 100%, I thought I would give you my tips for succeeding in a student org. I think that learning how to be successful in student orgs is applicable to the real world and is important for personal growth.

{Leadership}: Don't be afraid to run for a position! But remember these
1. Can you do your job well? 
2.Do you have the time to do your job? 
3. Can you work with other people that are in positions in the org?

I started off small in my sorority, just taking a secretary position! 

Make the position your own:
As secretary I've created social media pages, and help implement time management helpers for our meetings. Don't be afraid to speak up!

Listen when it's time to listen:
Sometimes it can be hard to listen. But unless you are the president or the head of your organization it's important to listen to them. You can hurt the efficiency, effectiveness and reputation of the executive board or head of your organization if you're not following directions. 
If you're the president, listen to your executive board's comments and concerns. Sometimes they know more than you do because they have more specialized areas to look after than you do. 

{General Membership}: Are you new or didn't get/want a position? Remember these 
1. Do what's required of you, and do it well
2. Don't be afraid to give ideas
3. Offer to help with projects/events

If you didn't get a position and you wanted one, or you're new and want a position for the next term the tips above should help you stand out. 
If other members look to you as a leader already, they're more likely to elect you for the next term! 

Student organizations give you a chance to develop your leadership skills. As a student leader is okay to mess up sometimes. I've done that as president but I own it and try and fix it. Don't try and hide it because it makes it worse. 

What student organizations are you in? Do you hold any positions? What do you do to set yourself apart and succeed? 


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  1. great advice! i've been involved in a lot of things on campus, sometimes in leadership positions, and i can't emphasize enough how much hard work makes a difference. people do notice when you do things to the best of your ability on a consistent basis!