07 April 2014

Semester Check-In

My Monday posts have been a little boring lately, but I do have some exciting posts coming up for you!

Here is a quick semester check in for you to say on track!

Finals: Do you know when they are? 

Projects: Do you know when they're due? Are you on track to finish them? This can be especially important if you're in a group. (#GBCOMMLIFE)

Summer: Have you thought about your plans for this summer? Applied for jobs, internships or where you're going to stay?

Class-registration: Do you have your classes registered for next fall? Or any plan on what you'd like to take?

Wardrobe: The fun part of the post, do you have a couple fun, key essentials for your spring wardrobe?

Some of these are very adult things to think about, and it kind of sucks!

How is your semester progressing?


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