09 April 2014

What to Pack: Sorority Retreat

I am really excited for my sorority's spring retreat this weekend! I helped plan it, so it should be fun.

Here is what I'm packing for a weekend with my wonderful sisters!

(From bottom left clockwise)

{Monogramed Make-up Bag}: Isn't this adorable? I love it! I hadn't been able to find any make-up bags that I liked and my old one had broken.
{Anything with Letters on it}: Basically anything with your letters on it. You're going to be spending some intimate time with your sisters, and your letters are the most appropriate thing to wear!
{Jeans} : This weekend we are taking pictures, so the best idea is to have something a little nicer to wear for all of the pictures you're probably going to take!
{Leggings}: Need I say more?
{Cute Pj's}: We're in a cabin for two nights, so cute pjs are a must for when a sister will probably want to snapchat a picture of me waking up in the morning.
{Sperry's}: My Hunter Boots aren't supposed to arrive until Thursday so I will wearing those, but Sperry's are great to just slip on and off!
{Long Sleeve T-shirt} This is more of a spot for ritual clothes if you need them at all! I would really suggest checking with your retreat organizers!

All of this will hopefully fit in my large duffel from Vera Bradley!

What do your sorority retreats look like? I'm excited because my little & daughter are getting inducted into my sorority!


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  1. Looks like it will be a blast! Have a great time! :)