11 April 2014

Types of Friends You Have in College

As I'm nearing the end of my second year of college, I'm realizing how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. I have a unique relationship with them, and they all fill a hole in my life. 

That One Friend You've Known Since You Were_____
I have a couple of wonderful people like this but KK has definitely been my go to person to remind me how far I've really come. Having someone in your life that has seen how far you've come since your awkward 7th grade years (which NO ONE likes to re-live) give you a great perspective. This person is perfect for vent sessions about your family or even a gossip session about those girls you couldn't stand in high school. 

That Sorority Sister Who Makes You Have Fun... 
This semester I have needed on of these more than ever, and EW has been perfect. Her snapchats and insistence to drag out of my hermit hole help me stay happy. She dragged me out for Valentines day date with other sisters, and it was the perfect way to get my mind off the fact MB was 7 hours away. This sister is fun and bubbly. They are perfect for cheering you up when you've had the worst week, luck or date. 

That Best Friend You Can Go Days Without Talking To and it Doesn't Matter... 
KG and I have some seriously busy schedules, and going to separate colleges doesn't help! Thank goodness I can call her and two hours is the perfect catch up session. She had been my best friend for four years now, and I know she'll be here for years to come. She's basically my soulmate. Being able to pick up where you left off is a true friend. This person is going to be there no matter what. 

That Other Overly Motivated Friend... 
A lot of people on my campus think that I'm this robot or crazy person for doing what I do. One of my closest sisters is just like me. I can vent and complain all I want but she never tells me to "slow down" because she understands my drive and ambition. JP is also my Green Bay boyfriend because she's constantly at my apartment planning sorority events with me.  This friend is great because they keep you motivated and ready to take on anything. They keep you on your toes. 

That Friend Who Has the Same Major As You.... 
SA and a couple others have the same major as I do and totally understand the struggles of a communication major at UW-Green Bay. These friends understand your need to work on certain homework, and completely ignore other homework. They're also perfect for advice on which classes to take with which professor, homework sessions, and group members. 

That Guy Friend Who's Basically Your Brother...
BG is probably my best guy friend. Why do I make the "guy" distinction? One, he's my only straight male best friend (other than MB of course) Two, having a guy best friend has endless positives. I ask BG about MB's gifts (to make sure it's not just something I love), if I'm being over emotional about something, and my car. Guys have insight that no woman can have, no matter how well we think we speak male. Guy best friends can save you from a real creeper while you're out, and allow you to indulge in your inner tomboy. 

Are there other types of friends? Sure! I have friends who fit into a couple of different categories. 

What other "types of friends" am I missing? 


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  1. OMG, I totally have all of these friends! Great list!