13 May 2014

Formal Recap

The last sorority event for the next six months was the first weekend in May!
I went to formal with three of my closest friends: AD, BG and my sister JP.

Be prepared for a picture overload!

My little TD!

AD & I are not amused 

Some of my sisters!

NR, one of my pledge sisters!

JP & I, I was really tall because of my wedges! 

Great picture of the four of us!

 Outside of Lambeau 

Lambeau Field!

The boys are NOT amused 

TD & BR, one of my pledge sisters!

I had a wonderful time! I was up later than normal, and spent a stress free evening with some of my favorite people! 

I wore this dress from Rent the Runway! I wore these costume earrings that I got my sophomore year of high school, so I really couldn't tell you where I got them!  Here are some similar ones. My wedges are also old, but here are a pair I would buy now!

Since this is my last week here at Green Bay until January everything is really bitter sweet. I know I'll be coming back but I've never left a place for this long. I've made such a niche for myself that it's harder than normal for me to take this leap. But I know I won't be ever completely ready for Spain, but I am a lot more prepared than I was a month ago.


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