14 May 2014

Ace that Internship: The Follow-Up

Here is the fourth installment of the my internship series.  I'm going to discuss following up after an interview!

Following up on your interview is very important. It reminds your interviewers that about your interview and why they liked you for the position. This can be really important when you are one of many candidates for the job. It also shows you have initiative and want the job.

Hand written note: Send a hand-written note to those who interviewed you. Thank them for their time and remind them what you discussed.

Email: If you aren't able to send a hand written note, make sure to email them at the least. This email can be a little more personal than others, but still professional. Thank them for their time like you would in a hand written note, and remind them what you discussed!

Even if you don't get the internship, you may have made a contact!

How do you follow-up?


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