16 May 2014

PR Friday: Ways to Stay Connected to the Industry

As a public relations or communications student, you aren't always given the tools necessary to stay connected with the industry. Here are some of my favorite ways to stay connected.

Follow Industry News Sites
A great way to stay on top of the industry is to know what the latest trends and hot topics are. These are three sites that I follow on Twitter and tend to check daily.
PR Daily
PR News

Use Pocket or Other Article Saving Apps
I use Pocket on my iPad and iPhone in order to save articles that I find off of my twitter feed.
When ever I have down time I am able to read the articles without having to scroll through my entire feed.

Join the PRSSA
Here is my shameless plug for the Public Relations Student Society of  America. As a member I have gained numerous benefits, as well as made numerous friends and contacts. Check out the national website here to learn about membership!

Follow PRSSA & PRSA 
Even if you don't decide to join the PRSSA, follow them along with the PRSA( Public Relations Society of America) on Twitter. It's another way to stay connected.

Follow Other PR Students and PR Professionals
One of my favorite parts about the #PRSSA hashtag is that I find other people with the same passion for public relations that I have. If you are looking for ways to fill your Twitter feed with news and  tweets, I would recommend searching this hashtag every once in awhile! Here are a few of my favorite PR professionals to follow


What do you do to keep up with industry news?

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