10 February 2014

Ace the Internship: What To Wear

What to Wear? 
I know one of the things that makes me confident in any situation is knowing that I am dressed to impress so to speak. In an interview everything that you can do to make yourself feel confident and comfortable is key.  Here are some ideas for what to wear, and where to get it!

Wear a Power Suit: It doesn't have to be boring! I bough my power suit from The Limited!
Mix & Match
I would stick with a solid suit. But you can wear a fun print, or a bright fun color! I wouldn't do neon, but one of my interview shirts is a cobalt blue.

Wear what shoes feel comfortable: Don't go for the heels that you are going to look like a new-born calf in! I have one inch heels that I know I can walk in confidently, and still look professional. I would not mind going with flats to be honest. Bring both, you'll thank me later! 
Also, make sure you walk in your shoes with your outfit. 

Do a test run: Make sure that you do a test run your outfit. That includes hair and make-up. Make sure you're wearing the right amount of jewelry! 

Trust yourself: You've got this! They obviously liked you enough to interview you. You've got this! You're strong and you've got the skills. 

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