29 July 2014

Ace That Internship: During Your Internship

Now that you are over half way through your internship, what can you do to really stand out and use this position to your advantage? Here are some of the most important tips that I've heard throughout the past couple of years!

Ask questions: At this point in your internship you should be asking lots of questions. Not just about the assignment, but more "critical thinking" questions! Show your supervisors that you've been picking up on things and want to know more about the industry. This also shows that you're invested in the job and are planning on actually doing something

Ask your boss to lunch or coffee: Once again at this point you should feel comfortable around your boss to ask them to lunch! You can start to build a relationship and learn about how they go to their position. It's a great networking tool and a great way to create a reference for your next internship or job. They may even help you get a job.

Keep a list of everything you do:By keeping a detailed list of what you do at each internship, you are able to use this for your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. This can also come in handy if it's your job to update an intern folder or database.

Connect with co-workers on LinkedIn:If you feel comfortable enough start connecting with co-workers and your boss on LinkedIn! Make sure to personalize your message though! Just a simple greeting and opener and "I would appreciate connecting with you on LinkedIn", then sign your name!

What are you doing in the last couple of weeks in your internship? What are your go-to tips for your internship?


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