30 July 2014

Back To School:Bedroom essentials

As August quickly approaches many of us will be returning to our high schools, universities and colleges. Some of us may even be leaving to attend a new school. Here are some of my school essentials for the upcoming year!

If you haven't already set up your bedroom with your roommate here are some great tips!

1. White is not always the best option: This may be the bedding you have for the next four years. If we're being honest what makes you think you won't spill your sixth glass of coffee on your white duvet after six hours of studying? Go with a navy, black, or a darker color

2. Decorate with pillows: Now go ahead and get the white, monogrammed pillows. The best thing about pillows is that they are a lot cheaper to replace them. They'll be really useful for movie nights and study sessions when your bed doubles as a couch.

3. Find a bulletin board: This is a great investment. You can paint it, scrapbook it or just hang things. I used it to hold heavier statement necklaces, pictures and memorabilia.  As the year progresses, you can add and remove pictures/memories. Mine normally doubles as an inspiration board as well. It makes your room a little homier without a million picture frames.

4. Get a lamp: Especially if you have a roommate, a lamp will be a smart object to bring. A large lamp may not be plausible, but a bedside lamp or a clip on one works the best. I used mine when I had to get up earlier than my roommate or go to bed later than my roommate.

5.Second set of bed sheets & an extra blanket: This may seem weird, but trust me I am thankful weekly that I have an extra set of sheets and an extra blanket. One night while I was blogging in bed, I spilled a glass of Diet Coke (#tsm) on my sheets. Instead of having to wash my sheets that night, I just changed my sheets really quickly and got back to what I was doing. The extra blanket is great for naps, movie nights, or the rare instance that it's cold in your room!

 What are some of your bedroom essentials? Check back next Wednesday for more Back to School supplies!


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  1. The extra blanket tip is great! The first real week of winter this school year, we spent a weekend freezing because apparently they'd forgotten to turn on the heat in our building! Thankfully that was the only weekend we were so cold but everyone was scrambling to find extra things to keep warm with.