21 May 2014

My Semester

Let's just say that after this semester/year, the next year and a half should be pretty easy. I definitely over did it a little this semester, but I came out relatively unscathed.

 It was the longest time to date MB & I have gone without seeing each other. I had the biggest course load to date as well, and definitely gave everything to Zeta Omega Tau and the PRSSA. Working as an RA and at the library added even more to my plate.

 However all of the people I was working for and with made this semester a lot easier. I was only sick  a couple of times and was able to come out with a semi-decent GPA.

 I just have to say I am very lucky to have the support system that I do. I am able to kind of relax this week before I start my summer internship thankfully.

I've learned a couple of things this semester that I thought I would share:

1. You find time for the people that matter. This semester I was always doing something, had somewhere to be or had something to be done. I found out which people in my life I was willing to set down my todo list for. I also found people who would make the effort to ask me to do things, and those people I've grown even closer to this semester.

2. You figure out your priorities. I realized that certain items on my todo list always got prioritized and that is where my passions lie. The sorority, my communications classes, PRSSA and blogging always managed to get done before other items on my list. While I still love Spanish and other projects I have, public relations, blogging and my sorority have been my true passions in college.

3. You can plan all you want, but life will always have other plans. Cue the fact that I spent all semester applying for internships, while other people in my life spent all school year, and I got an offer for a position the last day of spring semester. I also planned for a lot of other things to happen that didn't. But I'm learning that while I can plan, I need to be a little more flexible dealing with life's plans.

4.Give 100% regardless of the recognition. I am really weird with recognition, I like to receive it but I don't always think I deserve it. MB has been teaching me to brag a little about what I've accomplished. But I've also realized that people don't always know how much work you've actually put in, and that's okay. I have started to look for satisfaction in my work from how well the organization is doing. As long as the organization I love is benefiting from my work, I am trying to be happy and satisfied with it.

What have you learned this semester?


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  1. Congrats on a successful semester, Ashley! College life sure does provide quite a lot of learning experiences, inside and outside the classroom!