05 May 2014

Packing Tips: Going Home

The end of the year is especially stressful because not only do you have finals, but you have to pack up your room and say good-bye to friends for two to three months!

While packing, there is always that moment where you panic about how all of this stuff fit in your room, and how you're going to pack it all again.

{one} Separate & Label: separate parts of your room: kitchen, desk, nightstand/dresser, closet, and bathroom/toiletries. Than make sure to label what you put in each box. Trust me, when you're trying to figure out what is in each box when you're unpacking you will thank me!

{two} Invest in Plastic Bins: While I use small paper boxes to organize each inside of each bin, plastic bins are a great investment. You'll continue to use them, and they keep your school things dry and safe where ever you have to store them for the summer!

{three} Split Up Packing: With finals and packing it can be difficult to have time. But schedule an hour or two everyday as a study break! Put on your favorite TV show, movie or playlist and just start packing! I always start with the little things, like wall decorations, pictures and trinkets.

Hopefully these help you get started! I know packing is always the most daunting for me because I have no idea how I packed everything in the first place!

Are you home already? How do you find the motivation to pack?


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  1. I'm in the middle of packing as well...and it is just not fun! Luckily my friend recommend the "Rowdy Country" play list on Songza, and that's been keeping me company while I attempt to get everything into boxes!