06 June 2014

Date Night Ideas

This may be the weirdest problem, but MB and I are having a hard time coming up with ideas on what to do for date nights without breaking the bank. Normally we just hang out every night no matter what it is because we have such limited time together.

However now we are together for two whole months and we are wondering what we should do. Thankfully there is the internet and summer traditions.

Here are some of my favorite date night ideas!

Local Calendar//  Check out where ever you are living for the summer, and areas around, for local events. In my hometown we have Music on Main, the Farmer's Market and we attend softball games for my little sister. It's really fun and we get to do something other than sit around the TV.

Groupon// I just signed up for Groupon because of all the cool deals they have! We could take dance lessons for over 50% off, or we could go to the trampoline park for 50% off too. It's a great way to do things without breaking the bank.

Stargazing// What better excuse to cuddle? Since I live more out in the country MB and I could take a blanket out in my backyard and stargaze for an hour (or until I fall asleep.. eep!)

Kayaking/Paddle-boating// I'm not sure if this is an option everywhere, but I know that you can rent kayaks or a paddle boat for an afternoon! My family just bought a couple for us to use on the lake, and I'm looking forward to a weeknight where we can kayak around the lake at sunset!

Restaurants// My girlfriends and I do this where we'll meet up a little later at night and order appetizers and a soft drink and talk. This is perfect for MB & I after we both get off work. Sitting downtown or on the river is a great summer night.

Outdoor/ Drive-In Movies// This is a lot like the local calendar idea, but a little more specific because you might have to pay for outdoor or drive-in movies. This is great because you can normally bring your own snacks and chairs, and make it as formal or informal as you want it to be.

County Fairs/Music Festivals/ Festivals// Well this may not be a new concept, but I would really encourage you to go to local business or online for cheaper tickets! That way you can either save money, or spend more on food, or going to another festival.

What do you like to do in the summer with your significant other?


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  1. We definitely have game nights with us and friends of ours where we play board games and card games all night! I'm really hoping that we get to go on more adventures this summer, however!