03 June 2014

Goals Check In- May 2014

Here is my monthly goals check in! You can find my original goals in this post here.

{one} Eat healthier and Work out. I'm doing really well on this one! I joined the local YMCA with my family for the summer and have been packing a lunch everyday for work! I hope to try a cleanse, or at least eat clean for a week or two! 

{two} Live in the Moment: This is actually happening when it comes to weekly planning. MB is making me a little crazy since we don't make plans until two or three hours before. But I'm learning to go with the glow more so maybe this is better anyway!

{three} Work on Blogging Skills: I hope to blog three to four times a week this summer! Building content and working on my surprise for August! 

{four} Give 100%. I am putting everything into my internship! It's hard because I can't go over a a certain amount of hours each week, so I make sure that I'm there early, and stay as long as I can. I am also giving a lot of time to my family and MB since I won't be able to in a couple of months! (90 days until Spain!)

How are your goals coming along? Please comment with your posts about your goals, I want to see how you're doing! 


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