07 July 2014

Lost In Life

Hi y'all, I know it's been over a week since I posted, and I promise that's not how I meant it to happen. I've just been really busy and I've been trying to soak up the most time possible in the sun with friends and family.

This is probably the first time in awhile that I've truly relaxed and had fun without worrying about getting enough sleep, blogging (eek sorry) or school work. All of which is unfortunate because my summer class actually started awhile ago.

I've really started to gain a new respect for those adults who work full time and attend school among other things. Accomplishing tasks with a students schedule flexibility is definitely easier, at least for me.

Having all of this time to waste with MB and not have to think about other tasks is definitely distracting. I'm going to completely admit that MB and I are probably so successful at our respective universities because we live eight hours apart nine months out of the year. With so much to do but having the option of laughing with MB I don't get much done. It's bittersweet that we only have a few weeks of summer left.

I really do apologize to all my readers for not being present on the blog for the past two weeks. The honest truth is that I've been too busy being present in my own life to worry about my little corner of the world wide web. I'm hoping to get into a new routine soon, because as I'm learning I am definitely  the most productive when I have a routine.

This was my goal update. The goal I'm working towards is living in the moment, which I am very happy to say I've been doing.


PS This was kind of more therapeutic for me than entertaining for you I'm sure.

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  1. Writing is therapeutic girl. You do you. We will all be here when you're ready to blog on the reg!