17 July 2014

Life Lately: Midsummer Edition

I am back! The best intentions I tell ya, I got really sick Sunday, and even took a sick day Monday! Tuesday MB came over to help me vacuum out the two inches of water that was in my car (not a good beginning to my week y'all) and made me feel a whole lot better about things! (boyfriends sometimes are really helpful ;)) FINALLY Wednesday night I got the time to blog and here ya go!

Prepare yourself for a picture overload because my summer has been crazy and I'm finally remembering to take selfies!

MB met my extended family in Minnesota,  and my first cousin graduated! 

I am interning in Downtown Milwaukee right next to City Hall and Red Arrow Park!

MB and I went to see The Second City where I interned last summer, and it was hilarious! They are an improv group from Chicago, and seriously we were probably the youngest people there. 

We headed to Summerfest twice this year since it's so close to where I work! 

Here we are waiting for the Pentatonix concert. It was pretty cold though, like 50's. We didn't stay for the whole thing because we couldn't see anything and the amount of pre-teens around was a little much for my taste.

Waiting for the American Authors/ One Republic Concert!

One Republic was AMAZING! They are such great musicians it was a thrilling concert! I highly recommend going to see them. 

Fourth of July a little early (July 3rd). We went to the Lakefront fireworks with my family! It was a great show, a whole hour! It was a bit chilly,hence why I'm in a sweatshirt. 

 My favorite little LJ!

Mini golf date night! We had a lot of fun!

I know there are a lot of selfies with MB, but let me tell you being a normal couple is nice! This summer has been great, and even though things really haven't been going my way I'm really proud of myself for keeping a positive outlook on life. 

Tomorrow we will get back to our regular posting schedule until I leave for Spain!


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