18 July 2014

My Perfect Internship

I am participating in PRSSA’s “Progressions Writing Prompt” exercise for July 2014. To learn more, check out this post for details.

As I've completed different years of college my idea of a perfect internship has changed. At my first internship I thought that any internship in my field would be perfect. This year I thought any agency internship would be perfect. However, now I feel as if I have a much better understanding of what my perfect internship would be.

I honestly want to work at an agency within the public relations or client services department or section. I would want to work at an agency in a larger city such as Charleston, Boston, Charlotte or Savannah. Working at a smaller office in a larger company would be ideal because you still get the atmosphere of a smaller agency but the benefits of a larger one.

I would want to be a full-fledged team member. Sitting in on meetings, helping draft press releases, working on social media, and contacting media outlets. Researching new opportunities or industry trends, and helping with new client pitches would be in my job description also. I am not above office work or data entry, but having the opportunity to use all the skills I've learned in the classroom is crucial.

I've been assigned pretty much every type of office task, I've done a lot of data entry, I've researched media outlets, competitors, and industry trends.  I've contacted media outlets, and I've help with the creation of competitive PowerPoint presentation for clients. My next internship would allow me to take the next steps and assist with brainstorming, planning, and execution of public relations campaigns.

Tasks that push me out of my comfort zone and challenge me to utilize skills I have in new ways and learn new skills. I want to be challenged creatively so that I start to critically think on a deeper level.

Furthermore, I would want to be comfortable with the team that I am working on. While I feel comfortable asking questions in most cases, I would want the staff to make an effort to get to know me rather than just assigning me tasks.

Other than the permanent staff, I would also enjoy having other interns to work with and who were willing to spend time together outside of work. Especially since I would be relocating, I'll want to get to know the other interns and spend time outside of work in a casual setting. I savor meeting other people who are passionate about public relations and discussing ideas and industry trends with them.

My ideal situation would be finding a mentor at this internship. Finding a mentor who is passionate about the modern feminism as well as using their time to benefit others would be a dream come true. I would also like to be able to add value to my mentor's career, such as helping them with a project or providing insight on a new social media trend.

In the end:
A perfect internship would allow me to grow, not only professionally but personally. At this point in my undergrad career a paid internship is a must, but I'm perfectly fine with minimum wage. I want an agency that is going to invest time and effort into me as I invest my time and effort into their clients and agency.

What is your perfect internship? Is there one that you've been drooling over for awhile?

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