20 August 2014

Back To School: Moving & Packing Tips

I hate packing and I hate moving. I love the idea of a new adventure but I hate the idea of having to move my things. I've moved into three different rooms on campus, and let me tell you it thankfully gets easier with each move. Here are my "pro" tips at moving!

1.Don't buy extension cords, power strips or cable cords until the day you move in: This is one of the best things my dad thought of on my first moving day. We ended up with the perfect amount of cable cord. Plan a trip to the local Walmart, Target or hardware store.

2. Bring less t-shirts than you think you'll need: Free t-shirts are everywhere your first couple of weeks. If you join any sort of on-campus organization you will have even more. Leave the sentimental t-shirts at home otherwise you won't have any room for your other clothes!

3.Bring pictures: Sure you want to make a fresh start, but your high school friends were there for a lot. During breaks you might still see them, but you'll want to hold on to some of those memories.

4.Pack your things in bins: Don't just use cardboard boxes, because when you have to store your things over the summer it's less likely to get damaged. Also, they can be great for holding extras, food and other things under your bed or in your closet!

5. Try to coordinate with your roommate when you will move in: My roommate and I freshman year didn't move in at the same time, and it worked really well. You have so much stuff to organize let alone get into your room, plus family members it's just easier to move in at separate times.

Have fun moving in! I have to say I'm torn between wanting to move back to college and leaving for Spain.

What do you do when you move in?


  1. Agreed with the T-shit tips.. like seriously, there's no need to bring any because you just get SO MANY!

  2. Definitely agree on packing in bins! I always kept bins under my bed with stuff in them - perfect additional storage for tiny dorms!

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