18 August 2014

Study Abroad: My BackPack

In two weeks I'll be boarding a plane to Spain! While I don't have all my documents yet (procrastination) here is an over view of what I'm taking with me on the plane. I'll also post what's going in my suitcase that I'm taking with me on the plane once I leave. (Lets be honest that's not happening until Labor Day weekend)

I have The  Northface Borealis backpack in black because I figured it would show stains less, and help me blend in a bit. I'll be bringing this as my "purse" on the plane so that I can have everything important with me. Not the most fashionable bag, but sometimes practicality wins out.

Clockwise starting with my laptop. 

Laptop: Obvious enough, too precious to pack! 
Water bottle:Make sure it's empty! I bring mine so that the stewards can fill it up during the "night" (Make sure to ask nicely and treat them like people) 
iPhone charger:Playing music and searching for WiFi in airports drains my battery, so this is the perfect way to make sure it's charged for when I arrive at my destination.
Compact Mirror/Polka dot make-up bag: I bring mascara, oil sheets and cover-up with me to freshen up in the bathroom before grabbing my luggage. 
Blue pencil bag/Gold Dot notebook: In case I need to write things down, like blog posts or random thoughts. I always have something like this with me. 
Lilly Agenda:Basically my life. Of course it's coming with me. 
Charging cords: Easy access to charge any of my devices in airports!
iPad:I can read, watch movies and play games to try and entertain myself on my long flight!
Accordion folder: This has al of my important information in it! This way I have plenty of ways to help myself if something happens,

Not Pictured
Camera: For pictures
Food: You never know what the airplane food will be like or if you'll have a longer lay over than expected. 
Travel Papers: Make sure to have multiple forms of i.d., your passport, your visa, your insurance and copies of all of them. Keep some copies in your suitcase, and on you. 

What do you bring with you? 



  1. Great tips! I'm hoping to study abroad next year!

  2. Great tips! Have a safe flight to Spain.

    Also, I am absolutely loving that gold dot notebook.

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