25 August 2014

Tips for a Successful Semester

If it isn't obvious already, I love the start of each semester. It means new clothes, new books and new opportunities to learn. I sound like a nerd but I thoroughly enjoy my majors and most of my classes!This is how I set myself up for success each semester.

1.Have a calendar system: It doesn't matter if you use your Google calendar, Apple calendar or an agenda. Make sure that you have a place to reference due dates. This will help you organize yourself every week and stay on top of assignments and studying for tests! This post can help you set-up an organized agenda!

2. Have a note-taking system: You can take notes on your laptop, or with a pen and paper just make sure to have a system. For my general education requirements I just use my laptop, but with my major courses I use pen and paper in order to concentrate more easily.

3.Create a semester schedule: Create a semester schedule that includes classes, regular meeting times and even your work out schedule. If you have a job or internship in which the hours are the same, put those on your schedule too. Have a copy of it on your phone or in your agenda so that when you need to go to a group meeting or attend an event you know if you're free! Check out this tutorial on how to make a calendar in Excel!

4. Create a priorities list: This may seem a little silly, but I found this really helps me when I need to make decisions with my time. For instance this past semester I had so little time for socializing that I prioritized socials with my sisters over extra credit in classes. I'm not saying that this should be your priority, but you should have a written list of what more important to you.

5. Create a morning routine(s): If you have a routine down, you're less likely to forget something and more likely to be prepared. Last semester I would get up 30 to 60 minutes earlier then I had to and I was more productive in the morning! I love my sleep, but it was a great way to start my day!

6. Set goals for yourself for the semester: Not unlike New Year's resolutions, semester goals are great, but easier to manage. Set at least three goals for yourself: one academic, one career orientated and one personal. Every week reflect on what you're doing to achieve your goals. It's not as hard as it seems and you'll get a great confidence boost at the end of the semester when you see the results!

Now that you have these six things, you're ready for your best semester yet! I can't wait to see where you all go!

Is there anything else you do to prepare for a new semester? What tip have you  never thought of before?

Good Luck!

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