06 August 2014

Back To School: Setting Up Your Agenda

I just gave one of my closest friends a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda for her birthday! My inner organizational freak decided she could also use the Lilly Pulitzer Greek sticker set.  Since I pride myself on a well-kept agenda, I thought I would share some pointers on setting up your agenda!

The great thing about this lists is that you can mix and match tips that fit your lifestyle.

1.Color coding is your friend. At the beginning of each semester assign different activities colors and make a key in the front of your agenda. An example is below. I don't color code my classes but rather use black ink to write down my assignments for the day and then highlight the most important tasks each day.
*If you want to color code even more, assign colors for each of your classes!

2. Write down all important due dates. At the beginning of each semester go through my syllabi and write down every paper, test and project date. I suggest using red so that it stands out from other commitments and I know how to schedule my weeks to add in increased homework time.

3. Write down everything you have to do each week for each class. Each Sunday  go through all my syllabi and write down every assignment due, test to study for and project step to complete. If you have a position in an organization write that down too. Don't forget internship application steps and other important application to-dos.

4. Assign each task a day. Once you have a list,write each homework item or to-do item on a day. If you have a consistent weekly schedule take that into account when you will have the time to do each assignment. You can always move things around later on.

5.Use post-it notes for extra to-do's or changes. During the week use post-it notes to add daily to-dos or to note changes in your schedule! This works great because you can add or remove as many post-its as you need.

6.Add stickers for fun. This may not be an organization tip, but I love that Lilly gives you the ability to use stickers to mark things on your calendar! I use it to mark special events and birthdays of loved ones. It makes my agenda a little more cheery.

7. Re-evaluate your week Thursday or Friday nights. Every Thursday or Friday night (afternoon) go through and make a to-do list of everything you have to do that weekend. It's easier than forgetting something Sunday night right before you fall asleep.

My agenda isn't nearly as busy as it is during the school year, so if you want more detailed photos just let me know in the comments

What other tips do you have for setting up your agenda?


  1. Love this post! I love reading how people organize their planners because I'm always looking for ways to better organize my own. I just bought a new planner for the school year and I am so excited to fill it up with notes and all that!

  2. I'd love more detailed photos! Is this the jumbo size?

    1. Hi Olivia! I have a large sized agenda, it's the perfect size for me because I can bring it everywhere! I will post more photos tonight!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. As soon as I got my syllabi, I'd go through and write down every due date, too! In my big monthly calendar and on the individual dates. It was time consuming, but made everything so organized!

  4. Color coding is something I wish I had done in college--I never got the hang of it. These are great tips :)