04 August 2014

Study Abroad: Clothes Packing List

I'm really excited to finally start my study abroad series! I leave in 28 days, and I know that it's going to fly by. Every Monday in August I will be posting about my study abroad packing process.

First is what clothes I'm packing. Read: this does not mean shoes (whole different post).

Layering is key:Since I am going to be studying abroad during two major season shifts, I am going to have to layer. That's why I'm bring sweaters and button ups as well as cardigans and t-shirts. I want to stay true to my classic, preppy style while being able to mix & match.

Buy statement pieces there: If you don't know about the magical world of H&M you need to find one. Since I will be there for 4 months I want to kind of blend in, so I am looking to get trendier pieces at H&M. It's cheaper this way and my suitcase will be lighter.

Basically my plan is K.I.S.S. , keep it simple stupid. This way I have what I need but don't spend a lot of time wondering what I am going to wear.

What would you add clothing wise to this list? Any other tips for studying abroad?



  1. I studied abroad last year, I could definitely give you some tips depending on where you are going!

  2. Overall this looks great. I would switch out a couple of pairs of jeans for a skirt or two, or a plain neutral dress that pairs with a lot of things. Scarves are a must (you basically have a whole new outfit when you add a scarf, haha) and a nice blazer as well. It also depends a little on where you're going, like in Italy it was unusual for women to wear shorts, so to blend in you'd want to stick with skirts. Also, only bring clothes you absolutely love. It's not worth the trouble to pack something you'll only wear twice all semester.

  3. This is so exciting for you! Studying abroad is so much fun and you are going to have a blast! I definitely agree with Olivia in bringing (or purchasing once you get there) a couple of great scarves!