08 August 2014

PR Fridays:5 Events You Should Know About

Taking a break from book reviews, I thought it would be a nice change to hear about current events, and articles coming from a few different news sources! Here are 5 events that are happening in the world that you should know about right now.

1. International sanctions against Russia: In light of the plane crash in Ukraine, the US and some European countries have raised sanctions against Russia. A few political commentators said that the international climate in regards to Russia is Cold-War -esque.

New York Times: Russia Responds to Western Sanctions With Imports Beans of Its Own
Time: Russia Bans Wide Array of Food Imports From the U.S., EU
The Irish Times: Concern over impact of Russian sanctions on Irish food industry

2. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: This one is heavy in history and fear. It's very complicated, but it's prudent to look at both sides of the issue. I won't tell you which side to choose, but read a couple of these articles.

NPR: Is There Any Empathy Left to The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?
The Atlantic: The Next Generation of Israeli-Palestian Conflict  
The Huffington Post UK:Israeli–Palestinian Gaza Conflict Explained

3. Ebola Outbreak: The Ebola outbreak is heartbreaking, especially in countries that already face so much.  While there isn't a side to pick here, there is a need to be informed about ebola, especially that the chances of you catching here in the US is very low. There is also a debate on ethics regarding the US withholding an experimental ebola drug.

The Washington Post: People are struggling to bury the Ebola dead. Here's why.
CNN Opinion: Make more ebola drug and give it to the Africans. 
The World Post: Liberia, Sierra, Leone Race To Enforce Ebola Quarantine

4. President Obama approves airstrikes in Iraq: If you haven't heard of ISIS then you should Google News them. They are an extremist Islamic group that is terrorizing Iraq right now. Obama just approved airstrikes targeted in northern Iraq as well as aid air drops.

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. Approves Targeted Airstrikes on Iraq, Airdrops Aid
USA Today: Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq to stop genocide.
*This was breaking news when I was writing this post, so I don't have anything other then these two articles!

5. Horrible natural disasters in the US: California has mudslides and wild fires happening right now that are threatening thousands of homes. Hawaii is also going to be hit by two tropical storms within a couple of days.
Yahoo: Man charged with starting massive California Blaze
LA Times: Fighter jet captures dramatic 'fire clouds' over California wildfires
ABC News: Evacuation Advisory for California Town Lifted

Anything else happening in the world?

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