11 August 2014

Study Abroad: Toiletries & Accessories

Honestly this was  probably the hardest post for me to write! Having to narrow things down is definitely difficult because I know that I want to buy things while I'm over in Spain.

Here is my list of essential toiletries

Toiletries are pretty self-explanatory. I’ve read a couple of websites that suggest buying hair product once you get to the country you’re in but I personally have favorites that have always worked and am perfectly okay with packing everything I need since I have family who could possibly replenish me.

Feminine products are a necessary evil, and I would suggest bringing your favorite brand with you. Products vary across each country and region. I have found that I do not like European feminine products so I will be brining my own.

Some things on this list are similar across the world and you should be able to replenish them at any time.

Here is my list of suggested accessories to bring with you
When it comes to accessories I personally don’t have a lot because I don’t usually wear more than a necklace and earrings. I love my shoes though if you couldn’t tell. I know I shouldn’t bring this many but I am having such a hard time narrowing them down. If you have any tips please leave them in the comments or email me!

Scarves are a must when traveling, and I’m excited to pick up more as I start to travel in Europe!

Anything you would add? Are you traveling anytime soon? 


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  1. Be careful with the hairdryer and straightener--they often don't work in the outlets in Europe even with a converter, and they can overheat and burn you. I'd suggest buying a cheap one over there instead.