13 August 2014

Back To School: Desk & Study Supplies

Another installment of my back to school series! Today I'll be giving my advice on what study supplies to pack and what you'll want on your desk!

I love study supplies! I'm extremely organized and meticulous when it comes to my notes and study guides. I wanted to give you an idea of what I bring to college with me, and then give you suggestions on which products I buy!


-Use binders with looseleaf for your classes, that way you can add paper as needed and re-use the binders semester to semester. I suggest 1 inch binders. 
-Use multi-colored pens for color coding notes and your agenda. My favorite are Le Pens.
-Use notecards for vocabulary and studying. 
-Get white out to fix mistakes on your notes and in your agenda.
-Mechanical pencils are great, because you never have to sharpen them! I usually get mine on Amazon, and I love the fact that these are thicker. Make sure to get lead to last you the semester.
-Post-its and a small notebook are great for todo lists and little reminders. Also essential for planning your weeks successfully.

My desk is my safe haven, and I love an organized one. Here are some of my essentials for a great desk and even dresser. Some of these items are also essential for networking.
-Grab a magazine holder to hold small books and important papers.
-Pen holders are great for extra writing utensils
-Notepad for scratch paper and thinking!
-Scissors and a stapler for final papers and projects.
-A fun print from Etsy to liven up your space.
-A tray to hold your jewelry and to put your keys and i.d.
-Thank you cards and plain stationary to send to prospective employers and gift givers.
-Paper clips and binder clips to keep things together and hold your place in your agenda.

Check out Target & Design Darling boutique for the perfect desk supplies!

What else would you have on your lists? When do you leave for school?


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  1. Your desk looks so cute! Mine is organized - but not nearly as pretty.

    I nominated you for a Liebster award :) You can see it here

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