15 September 2014

A Note-Taking System

Since I love to see how other people organize their agendas, notes and life in general I thought that I would post my system for taking notes!

I use loose-leaf in a binder for all of my classes. This way I can add paper when needed! I also only take notes on my laptop in non-major courses because those classes are typically lower-level and don't require me to concentrate as much. (I tend to Pinterest a lot)
Also, make sure to check your syllabus to see in

First start with the date of the class. It's easier to reference later and helps you keep your notes in chronological order when studying!

Label the top of your notes with what the title or topic of the lecture is. Make this bigger than the rest of your notes.

Start taking notes. I take mine in bullet style.I start with the main idea on top then indent with each supporting idea.

*While your professor is speaking, make sure to make note of anything they say that isn't on the screen. Most professors post their presentations online, so you can leave room and fill in the information later. You usually aren't able to listen to what they have to say again.

Use different colors for different ideas or facts. Underline or circle key concepts in a different color pen

Leave the highlighting for when you study!

Different Ideas:
If your professor posts lectures beforehand, print them out and takes notes on the side of what the professor says.

Take notes on your computer instead of on paper and use the same guidelines by either printing them off or underlining on your screen!

How do you take notes? Do you prefer your computer or laptop?

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