11 September 2014

Fall Semester Goals: Studying Abroad

I'm on my third day of classes and am really enjoying how much stronger my Spanish language skills are. I'm still having an inner debate with how this semester is going to go. Part of me wants to have a crazy semester abroad, while the other part of me wants to focus on my Spanish skills, the culture and enjoying myself in Spain.

I came to the realization while discussing expectations with other students, that a crazy, party-filled semester abroad would just not be me. I enjoy going out with friends, but I don't enjoy 4 am nights and hungover Saturdays. I've decided I want to experience one or two of those nights but it won't be a habitual weekend for me.

The first night of classes I went out with some other students for drinks and pinochos (almost like tapas in basque country) and I really enjoyed it. It was nice to meet other students with the same expectations as me, as well as worries. I could definitely get used to that kind of night out.

Now that I'm done explaining my current mindset, here are some goals I've set for myself this semester.

1. Get out of my schoolwork: I have a tendency to retreat behind work when I feel uncomfortable, so this semester I want to stop doing that and just take a leap of faith.

2. Improve all aspects of my Spanish: I want to improve my writing, speaking, reading and cultural literacy of all things Spanish. That's part of the reason that I'm over here in Europe!

3.Do things that scare me: This can mean paddle board (I have no balance), conversing with a stranger in Spanish or traveling by myself to a European city. The point of this trip is to be outside my comfort zone.

4. Take a break from ambitions: I've decided not to do too many things internship or career related until the middle of October. A small break from a year of intense pressure that I put on myself can only be good.

5. Get good grades: This is every semester's goal, but I want to remember that I'm here at school and do my homework, study and write my essays really well!

What are your semester goals?


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  1. Ash-- you're living the dream. Traveling abroad and getting to experience so much. Give yourself a break and allow yourself the chance to learn and grow. It's going to be so amazing for you! xo