09 September 2014

Why Join a Sorority?

Sorority recruitment is happening right now at all of the large universities, however I'm here to persuade you to rush at your smaller liberal arts school.

1. Confidence: You will gain confidence by rushing, and when/if you get a bid the confidence that a group of talented young ladies chose you to be one of their sisters. You will also gain confidence as your sisters figure out your talents and become your advocate. They will also be there to tell you that you're worthy enough for the internship, and that the dress you bought for formal would rock any man's world. Your sisters will give you confidence and you'll return it.

2. Philanthropy: As a sister you will help raise money for worthy causes, and volunteer with you sisters. Greeks give the most money and time to worthy organizations. This is one of the best ways to get involved in your community.

3. Skills: A sorority is run almost like a small corporation, and you will gain plenty of new skills as your help your chapter prepare for recruitment, philanthropy events and social events. You can also build your portfolio by helping your chapter with tasks that are similar to your future career.

4. Leadership: This one is a common reasons, but many women find that their sisters nominate them for positions that they didn't think they could do. However their sisters know better and they gain confidence in their leadership abilities.

5. Life-long friendships: You will probably not talk to all of your sisters for the rest of your life, but you will find a few or more sisters who will become life-long friends. They will be your bridesmaids, your children's godmothers and the friends you can pick up where ever you left off.

6. Experience: Your sisters will come from different backgrounds, and push you out of your comfort zone. They will teach you about diversity and trying new things. They will be there after your first over-indulgence and when the love interest in your life just isn't getting anything right.

Are you planning on going through sorority recruitment? What sorority are you apart of?


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