30 September 2014

Travel Tuesday: Week 4 I Experience A Busy Social Life

This past week has been busy, and it was the best way to spend my fourth week in Spain. This Thursday marks one month in Spain and I've had such a great time.

This past week I did something every. single. day.  That is not something that happens for me, unless Matt and I only have a week together. It was great, and I'm starting to become close with people on the trip making the experience that much richer.

We went to San Sebastian on Saturday for a film festival and that was really cool. We hung out on the beach for a couple of hours, and then went to wander around until lunch. We had great pizza and sangria, then set off for the film festival. Due to lack of foresight, we went on the last day but we saw a movie at an international film festival. The movie wasn't very good to be honest, but we went! Some of the group had to catch a bus back to Bilbao at midnight, and they were able to see some pretty cool people.

This week we found our favorite bar, and our favorite cafe to study in. I started my two tutoring/nannying jobs and am starting to fall into a routine with my friends and host family.

This weekend I get to see my grandparents and I couldn't be more excited! I miss my family.. but as I become more and more comfortable I miss MB less and less.

The cathedral in San Sebastian. The stain glass windows are beautiful

La playa -- the beach

Candids by my girl SF. 

My girl MW and I with our film festival tickets.

Sunset over the  San Sebastian beach. PS note how I was at A BEACH at the end of September. I went in the water. #notinWIanymore

MH (the man), HG and SF (the girl looking at the camera). Who wouldn't want to ride a carousel in Europe?

MH, MW and SF have become my support team, my BFFL. I had a great week with them, and definitely feel the most like myself when I'm around them. 


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