14 December 2014

I Lived: Fall Semester 2014

Before you read this post, make sure to play this song!

This has been my anthem for my trip to Europe. I can't believe that I leave Spain tomorrow morning. Words can not begin to describe my feelings. It's a mix of relief, sadness, and happiness. On Monday I'll arrive back to my real life, with my friends, family, and boyfriend. I'll arrive to a family and friend filled week. I'll arrive to the reality of hard communication classes, a new internship, and a job. I'll arrive to living with one of my best friends and being reunited with my sisters. I'll arrive to my house, my dog, my siblings and my parents.

If you read my post from the night before I left, I literally had nothing to fear.

I'll be bringing with me a new sense of myself. I'm more confident. I'm more fun. I'm less worried about planning 24/7 and using my time better.  I'm more focused on making memories and less focused on making a deadline. Don't misunderstand me, I'm just as driven and focused as I was before this semester. I may be even more determined, but I've realized a life isn't made up of statistics but moments. I intend to make the most of those moments before I graduate UW-Green Bay in a year.

I'll miss my friends here, my professors, the Metro, the old and new buildings and also my university.

I'm looking forward to my family's home cooking, my house at Christmas time, spending time with my family and MB's. I'm looking forward to spending time with my best friends, old and new, teasing my siblings and driving my car.

I'm not looking forward to driving in the snow, jet lag and wrapping presents.

I did it all. 

I'm off the Germany for a couple days with family there then I'm finally home for Christmas. 


PS I'll be back on New Year's Eve. Stay tuned. 

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