09 December 2014

Travel Tips: On a Plane

I have done a lot of plane traveling this semester, and I have to say I'm getting really good at packing a carry on and a bag for the weekend. This past weekend in Berlin I knew that I would have to pack some thicker clothes. Here are my tips on how to pack everything you will probably need on a plane ride.

For short trips (2-4 hours) 

-Liquids in a clear plastic bag. I found one that's bigger at Walmart that they've let me use all over the  EU and the US. It's reusable and durable. I keep this in my bag, not my carry on because that way I don't have to open and close my carry on.

-Keep your laptop and iPad/ tablet accessible. You have to take these out going through security

-Bring a scarf. Whether it's a blanket scarf or a regular scarf it's great to cover up with or use as a pillow. I rarely travel without one.

-Make sure to grab a bottle of water once you are past security. The air on planes is dry, and you can dehydrated really quickly. Make sure you drink it.

-Bring some of your own snacks. An apple, orange or banana can tide you over for awhile or at least save you some money on a snack.

-Pack one extra shirt, pair of underwear and socks in your carry on. Just in case.

-Take screen shots of your tickets and your itinerary if you decide to go paperless.

For long trips (4+ hours) 

-Bring makeup remover and your makeup on the plane with you. That way you can freshen up about halfway through the flight, also your pores will thank you

-Grab your glasses case and contacts case. You'll probably be sleeping and you don't want to dry out your contacts.

-Make sure to bring your own set of headphones, and some form of entertainment. Some people like to watch the in flight movies, or read books. You can even work on your laptop, but I would really recommend bringing something to do in case you can't sleep.

-Just add these things to your normal flight list and you'll be good to go!

Tips for packing 

-Roll your clothes!

-Plan out everything you would wear, and try to make sure that you can wear different pieces from different outfits together.

-Save room in your carry on for souvenirs! You never know what you may find.

What are your plane traveling tips? Have anywhere exciting to go soon?

PS Sorry for the absences, I'm soaking up the last few days with some of the closest friends I've made in an amazing place.


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