23 January 2015

Great Tips for Writing

One of my favorite parts about being in the PRSSA is the monthly twitter chats! Last week I participated in one where the topic was writing. As an aspiring public relations professional I love to write. I never realized how much until I started my little space on the inter web. Here are some of the best tips from me and those who participated in the twitter chat!

Read in order to write better// @paigeweber tweeted this and I don't think it could be more true in my opinion. I would recommend following @WSJ (the Wall Street Journal), @nytimes (The New York Times) and @theskimm (The Skimm). Read how you would like to write!

Writers Block// I have a couple of tips.
        1.Step away. Sometimes you just need to take a break and come back.
        2. Call or talk to someone nearby about what you're trying to say. Just blurt it out!

Read your piece out loud//  This is probably my best piece of advice when it comes to editing. It won't take nearly as long as emailing it to someone. It's great if you're on a deadline!

Just write// Jane Dvorak, APR gave some wonderful advice during the Twitter Chat. Just write. Write press releases off of a headline, or articles off of a press release. You don't need to have an internship or class to write. Submit articles to your local or student newspapers. Just write.

What are some writing tips you live by? Were these helpful?

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