25 February 2015

Reasons to Study Abroad

Y'all knew this post was coming, but studying abroad is one of the best leaps of faith that I've taken thus far in my life. Here are some of the reasons after the fact that I'm glad that I studied abroad, even though there were some trade-offs.

Living Aboard// Personally I think almost every body should be abroad for about a month. It's  great experience and it opens your eyes to how other people live. You're able to relate to people from different backgrounds.

Politics & World Issues// My professors were always very curious about how Americans view issues in our own country. Speaking with people from other countries who were taught differently, they have a different outlook and experience with world issues and controversies in our country.

Fun// While studying abroad, the program is about having fun. Young adults our age in Europe aren't expected to live as independently as we are. Your professors and advisors encourage you to travel, go out with you friends on a week night and have fun. There is homework, but not as important. They want you to immerse yourself in the culture.

Personal Growth// As an individual, I discovered more about myself while studying abroad than I have since the first semester of college. I became more confident in my abilities as well as who I am and what I want. Some of my friends discovered they wanted to come back, others discovered that they had chosen the right path. Affirming aspects about your plan is just as good as figuring it out.

Travel// As a study abroad student I hope you travel! As you travel you naturally become more independent and are able to figure things out by yourself. You get more confident asking for help, and are more likely to try new foods and activities!

Studying abroad is such a great experience. It's scary, terrifying, amazing and life changing. I encourage you to do research and strongly consider studying abroad!


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  1. I wish when I was back in university I had studied aboard, because it truly sounds like an amazing experience. I'm hoping though that some day I'll get to work aboard - and see the world through that. They say to travel is really how to truly discover oneself!