23 February 2015

Fun Date Ideas

MB and I are actually seeing each other in person this semester (#LDRprobs). Which brings up a unique problem, what to do when we see each other? Here are some fun date ideas that we've come up with!

Appetizers & Netflix//  Instead of going out for a dinner/movie date, order to-go your favorite appetizers from your favorite restaurants, or whip some up yourself!(check out my food Pinterest Board for ideas). Curl up together and watch a couple episodes of your favorite show or a movie on Netflix! It's a fun, cheaper date idea!

Bowling & Pizza// This may seem like an old person's date, but it is actually really fun! Double date or just the two of you, it's still fun! Place a fun bet on someone's score, or try different bowling "techniques"(i.e. the granny bowl, bowl facing backwards!) Grab some pizza afterwards to refuel!

Lunch Date// Instead of going out every weekend, grab lunch on Saturday instead! Look for food trucks, or some funky restaurant that might be really busy for dinner! Try new foods together, and learn more about each other in much less formal atmosphere.

Collegiate Sports Event// Even if you aren't in college, go and cheer on your local team! There are lots of different sports, and the you can find a schedule by googling the name of the college! Try and find clothes in their colors, and have a fun afternoon or night together! (PS Make sure to get some concession stand food!)

What do you and your S.O. do for date night?


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